About M2M
Rakin is a former member of the UK Hip Hop group Cash Crew who got worldwide critical recognition for their
work and contribution to hip hop and rap. He was not only a rapper but he was a DJ, Producer and Breakdancer
and Graffitti artist. He used to promote and host Hip Hop Jams in West London with Tim Westwood among others.
After living the so called Rock N Roll lifestyle he started to read and re-educate himself.
When Rakin converted/reverted to Islam he had enough of the bragging and boasting lyrics with no meaning and
decided to take a break from the Music scene. He met up with Ismael who was also a revert/convert who came
from a Hip Hop background. As a true authentic lover of Hip Hop he was sickened with the growth of slack
degenerate lyrics in the Hip Hop scene. Inspired by Prophet Muhammed, Malcolm X, Uthman Dan Fodio and his
Sheikh Abu Bakr Ahmed he thought of establishing a Muslim Conscious group called Mecca2Medina that means the
journey the Prophet (peace be upon him made) from Mecca to Medina in the 7th Century. He was expalining their journey from ignorance to knowledge. in the 21st Century
Ismael started writing lyrics for leisure and fun at school. He later joined an underground outfit called
Strictly business with Gee & Mic Check One. They were later signed by an underground revordingg label.
He reverted/converted to Islam in this process and had to leave due to artistic content disagreements.
He met Rakin in Hyde Park’s Speakers Corner then later a Muslim event at Westminster University.
By going to their favourite Mosque in Shepherds Bush he started to work with Rakin in an Aromatherapy business.
As Rakin knew that Ismael used to be a rapper before Islam he asked him to be part of a new project called..
Mecca2Medina…Ismael was up for it straight away. When Ismael is not rapping he is a Project Manager/Events Manager
for the Black Youth Drugs Line that works against drugs and Anti Social Behaviour in the Inner cities of the UK.



Mecca2Medina have been going for about 10 years now. Mecca2Medina
was formed by Rakin he was given this advice by his Sheikh. Before
that Rakin was part of UK group called Cash Crew they were one of the
most sucessful groups in the UK scene. He left this group to focus
more on his Islamic studies this is when Sheikh Abu Bakr stated that
he should form a group that would be 100% focusing on the deen

Soul Brothers Ishmael & Rakin were the first members of the
group.The Music created by the
group is conscious Hip Hop the aim is to bring back Hip hop to the
days of crews like Roots, Common, Nas, Zion I, PE and X-Clan 


All of the members converted to Islam and you can hear
the influence of that in their lyrics. 

For the last few years the group has
been busy performing in Universities, colleges and theatre halls
around the UK and the world.
M2M have also been promoted on all of the Major TV stations in the UK. USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan, Europe etc

M2M produce both conscious hip hop and Nasheeds which is raps done
over Africian style drums this has helped the group to reach a wider
audience. They use both mediums to promote that Islam is a religion of peace and it's a way of life of life all mankind.  They work with world peace activist organistions.

Last year they did a collaberation with Malaysian group Raihan.
Earlier on this year they recorded a track with none other than
Napoleon from 2Pac Shakur's groupOutlawz, They also worked with New York's finest DJ Spinna, Akir and many other performers from around the globe.  These tracks will be coming out in the very
near future.

M2M are firstly about  spreading positive vibes in this
increasingly dark world. they believe that every musician has a write
to influence, guide and teach the next generation. As well as making
and producing Music the boys are busy doing workshops with young
people helping them to make the right moves in life.

They are also hard workers in the community for Love Music Hate Racism
lovemusichateracism.com) who work against the growing
Islamophobia/racism in the society, Black Youth Drugsline
www.blackyouthdrugsline.co.uk) they work against the plaugues of
drugs and gun crime.  Peace not War
www.peace-not-war.org who promotes
world peace through artistic expression.  They help to fundraise for the African Development Trust (
www.africandt.org) who do have projects in Darfur, Somalia and Ethiopa.  The have been commissioned by the Islam Channel to do some youth shows
in a new show called 'Brother's in the Deen' that is due to be aired
in May 2008


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